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Mistress BDSM

September 2, 2010
Mistress BDSM

Mistress BDSM is one way of life which involves imparting sexual pleasure to a person the aggressive way. Of course, from the word bdsm, the first thing that strikes you is individuals tied up in chains. Mistress bdsm is a widely and most demanding forms of bdsm lifestyle. Basically, bdsm mistress has her own attention to grace the house with not counting the hotness of her feminine frame and all the experience needed for an explicit encounter.

Mistress bdsm is hence a very much broader version of bdsm and is characterized by a variety of factors. The types of mistress bdsm often vary and the most prominent ones are cruel mistress, dominant mistress, humiliation mistress and Japanese mistress. And this is not it. Depending on the person’s interest, the mistress involved may be more rude and aggressive, whichever is required by the person.  The submission and domination involved in the bdsm lifestyle forms the backbone of the bdsm and are hence called the driving forces of the same.

The level of torture and submission varies in different forms of bdsm. Some mistress bdsm involves themselves in highly violent acts like spitting. There is also a mature form of mistress bdsm and is very well envied one in bdsm lifestyle. An interesting act in the bdsm lifestyle and mistress bdsm is the worship of the mistress by the slave. Definitely, mistress slave bdsm is the wildest form in bdsm lifestyle and in this form; the slave and master enjoy immense pleasure performing their respective acts of submission and domination. The cruelty and domination involved is the essence of the mistress bdsm and that’s what makes it a widely accepted one indeed. Each salve will have his own needs and the dominant partner should be good enough to fulfill them for a bdsm lifestyle to successfully work out.  So good luck on finding your mistress BDSM needs.

Zayda the Cheap Fuck

July 11, 2012

Zayda J wanted a rough, humiliating experience. She knew she deserved it. She knows what she is. Just a cheap, easy fuck for whoever appears. A mouth, a snatch and an ass, all waiting to be stuffed. That is all she is good for. That is all she knows how to be. There is no use denying it. PD is not even punishing her for that. He is just hurting her because he knows she will do anything for dick.

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Rain Gives Us Feedback

July 11, 2012

Rain DeGrey has always been a screamer and that is part of her allure. She really lets you know when you are giving it to her good. There is nothing like a little bit of positive feedback to let you know you are on the right track. She will make sure everyone around knows when she is feeling the pain and that is what makes her so much fun to play with. And play we will, until this toy breaks.

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My Cruel Mistress BDSM Experience: Sexual Pleasure With Unknown Stranger

February 14, 2011
My Cruel Mistress BDSM Experience: Sexual Pleasure With Unknown Stranger

Many people who are not familiar with BDSM might have associate BDSM with an act of abusing one’s partner. One of the main reasons is probably because of the action of tying up and spanking your partner, flogging and bossing him or her around and many of other similar stuffs. Although at some point, it may look a bit unpleasant to see and will cause a little bit of pain to those who are receiving the sexual torture; BDSM is highly erotic and all those spanking and torturing helps to turn on the lovers. I am very sure that almost everyone is practicing some elements of BDSM in their sexual lives. But, I am sure they are enjoying the pleasure of the pain and humiliation it brings to them.

I might have the same feeling too a few years ago. It just not makes sense how one can be pleased with all those flogging and spanking stuffs. It hurts and I might end up crying all night on the bed instead of making out! However, everything changes the moment when my friend brought home a woman that he called as Mistress BDSM. I was not involved in their BDSM scene at first but the actions turned me on after they have acted a few role-playing BDSM scenes.

Surprise Beginnings
They have started the BDSM scene make out session with a surprise beginnings session. My friend has place a set of restraints like ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs in front of the bedroom door. He also taped a sheet of paper with instructions on it on the door. The sheet contains all the instruction for the Mistress BDSM to strip completely and put on all the restraints before entering the bedroom. This time, I slowly realized what a spitting mistress is all about. I was just observing them from afar.

Exchange of Power
Once they were satisfied with all the foreplay actions from the first BDSM scene session and have a 1-hour rest, they started to exchange power. In the first session, my friend has acted as a dominant where he toyed the mistress around and I can hear him spitting Mistress BDSM occasionally. In this session, Mistress BDSM acted as a Dominant Mistress. She dressed in a complete Domme gear with a black lace bustier, long black gloves, sexy black stockings and high-heeled boots. She has also equipped herself with a whip. As a dominant mistress, she ordered him about like a mere slave knocking her talisman on him. After a while, my friend seemed to take control after he gave her “The Kiss of the Petite Mort”. It is a kiss romantically and sexually powerful that she was possessed of his kiss. The dominant mistress was no longer in charge. They have changed role again. This time, the mistress BDSM has become the submissive and ready to be the spitting mistress of by friend. He now has his way with her helpless body.

I have started to turned on their second BDSM session and have decided to join in this third session. Ghost is actually a role-playing BDSM scenario for three people. The Mistress BDSM acted as a ghost, the one that is invisible and inaudible to my friend and me. The two of us have a hot and heavy make out BDSM session on the bed, while the Mistress BDSM who acted as a ghost did whatever she liked to us. We pretend not to see or hear the ghost but can only feel what she did to us. When she gropes me, I have to pretend that it was my friend and not the ghost.

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